stress less, achieve more.

snacks designed to keep you productive.

Kopff bar

low sugar

- soy free

- palm oil free

The Deep Work bar is the perfect productivity snack

brain emoji

Healthy brain

Contributes to maintenance of normal brain function, and psychological and nervous system function.

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Healthy body

Contributes to normal immune system function.

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Extra energy

Contributes to reduction of fatigue and tiredness. Contains caffeine.

Science-based ingredients

Green tea extract

Caffeine, antioxidants, reduces anxiety


Helps buffer stress better

Vitamin B6 & B12

Increases energy

Omega-3 DHA

Improves brain function

Our customers love it

Dominika Bobko


Super product!

I ordered a whole pack and have been eating the bars for 2 weeks. My concentration has definitely improved since then. It's exactly what I needed during my working day. Tastes great and is healthy too. The bar contains lots of valuable ingredients. I will definitely order them regularly!

Thomas P


Super product and top company

A great, young company with huge potential. The Deep Work Bar not only tastes extremely delicious, it also fills me up for a long time and I can concentrate better. The perfect snack for every working day.

Dominika Wróblewska


Mega bars!

I recently ordered a whole package! Very tasty snack, you do not feel tired like after a regular chocolate bar. I recommend wholeheartedly- I will definitely order another batch!

Ale Vecchio


They deliver what they promise

As soon as I saw the packaging I wanted to try them, the taste and texture was literally what I expected. I will definitely keep buying them.

Weronika L.


I love this bar because it helps me…

I love this bar because it helps me focus at work and it is delicious!